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Halfway through October I thought I’d made a major mistake. I’d booked myself to teach AcroYoga and Acrobatic workshops and series to the point of 5 events one week, including a transcoastal trip to San Francisco to co-teach at the Divine Play festival. All this on top of my full-time job! But by the end of the month I realized why I’d agreed to do it all:

1) AcroYoga shows me the spirit of humanity. Students are such givers and have a hard time receiving. They are always afraid they’re too something- big, heavy, awkward, somehow unworthy of support and happiness. Then the play begins and they realize they’re just right the way they are. More talented and capable than they ever imagined.

2) The most advanced yoga is the yoga of relationship. So true for me! In my solo practice, it can get all zen. But all spiritual warriors know the feeling of starting on your path, then trying to share with family/ friends/ co-workers that aren’t on page Yoda. Navigating the friction that comes with interpersonal connections is another level of jedi training. AcroYoga is the yoga of relationship – learning to trust, communicate and understand another person verbally and non-verbally. I honestly don’t think I’d be with my husband for almost 7 years without this practice.

3) AcroYoga lights people up! These big and heavy life lessons can be light and happy because we learn them through acroplay. Play is its own reward and inspires us to work cooperatively.

This is why I love to teach AcroYoga. It’s not the tricks, it’s the treats of getting to see the best in others, and myself. Hope you like the pictures.

In service,
Vanessa (:

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20+ People who will never be afraid of handstand again!

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Monday Night Jams: Intermediate Series demo

Sequence: supported stag shoulderstand -> supported pike shoulderstand ->straddle bat
1/2 barrel roll to bird -> side star
side star -> straddle bat -> barrel rolls -> bird
bird to star ->step down to straddle bat ->1/2 barrel roll to bird
bird -> reverse star -> reverse star to bird

<- click for photos

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