Wellness with Vanessa

Tools for a Nutrient-Rich Life


I’ve worked as a nutrition educator with a variety of groups – from health care professionals at the Red Cross to inner city youth in medical clinics, and those in between. I offer nutrition coaching sessions to move you towards a healthy eating lifestyle that meets your needs while you savor the foods you love and let eating be fun! I also lead workshops on mindful eating and detoxing.

Nutrition Coaching aligns you with your inner wellness warrior and together we brainstorm a personal plan for you. Take simple steps to transform your health, body and ultimately your life. You will feel smarter in what you eat, how you eat, and when you eat. Along the way, I’ll give you nutrition education to make mindful eating possible, analyze your current diet and what’s in your cupboard. Learn skills to manage your weight, eating habits and address barriers to change.

Mindful Eating is a realistic, non-dieting approach that focuses on how you eat as well as what you eat. It teaches you how to tailor eating to your body’s needs and builds confidence around managing your health.

3 As applied to Mindful Eating
Attitude: address your beliefs and attitudes around food
Alignment: Fun and interactive sessions reveal the truth about nutrition without confusing rules and give you the skills to create a nutritional program that is unique to your individual needs
Action: Use powerful internal tools for knowing when, what and how much to eat

Vanessa King, M.S, C.N.S, RYT has been a nutrition educator for kids and adults in medical clinics, diabetes management and community outreach programs since 2009. In 2010, while developing training materials for health promoters at the Red Cross Ecuador, she realized that though nutrition touches each of our lives, there is a need for reliable, accessible and affordable resources. She decided to make them available, in combination with her other passion, yoga, to uplift and empower. Her mantra is Cleanse. Nourish. Empower. She holds a M.S. in Health Promotion, has fulfilled more than 1000 hours as a nutritionist and completed the national Certified Nutrition Specialist qualification.

Health Promotion is the science and art of helping people, organizations, and communities change lifestyle behaviors to move toward a state of improved health resulting in decreases in chronic disease and health care costs (). I focus on activities that encourage people to make life-affirming behavior changes. Health promotion is holistic. It addresses the desires, beliefs and needs of individuals and also take into account social determinants of health, such as environment, economics and culture. I serve vulnerable populations. Here are samples of my work. I will keep adding more.

The website Pasos Saludables / Healthy Steps is a Spanish- language nutrition resource for obesity prevention.