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Yoga. There are many kinds of yoga, suitable for any age, personality type or interest. I have studied yoga extensively since 1998 and began teaching in 2001. I encourage students to step into the currents of their greatness, where there is effort without tension and relaxation without dullness. My yoga classes include core work to experience moving from our center and handstands to remind us that we are capable of more than we realize.

I’m one of 125 Certified AcroYoga teacher. AcroYoga is a unique blend of yoga’s wisdom + the loving kindness of Thai massage + the dynamic power of acrobatics. These three ancient lineages form a practice that cultivates trust, connection, and playfulness. This space of mutual support is shared for the benefit of all. Visit to learn more about the global community.

Thai Yoga Massage
, which I call Thai Yoga Therapy, is salutogenic, non-invasive bodywork that combines yoga stretches, breathing and movement in meditative flow. It’s a wonderful complement to your regular yoga practice that increases flexibility and releases stored tension. Experience the benefits of yoga without effort.

Thai Massage has been a passion of mine since 2002 when I began my studies with Kam Thye Chow, the founder of Lotus Palm and Asokananda Bruust, a luminary. I studied Jap-Sen style with Lek Chaiya in Chiang Mai, Thailand and Bangkok style at Wat Pho. I’ve made 7 trips to Thailand to continue my studies and teach Thai massage. I have used it to treat musculo-skeletal conditions and chronic diseases. AcroYoga has been an amazing outlet for my Thai- Love, to further develop receptivity, communication and play.